Nonprofits and Social Media

Social media is crucial for a nonprofit organization. Social media helps with fundraising, building awareness, and sending out informational details and facts. The best way for a nonprofit to have a successful campaign or event would be to utilize social media.

A blog written by Lyndsey Hrabik, called The Top 4 Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns of 2013, goes into further details about the best four ways a nonprofit can have a successful campaign. Lyndsey explains four different nonprofit campaigns that were recognized and how they used social media to make it as one of the top four social media campaigns of 2013.

The top four things nonprofits should take away from Lyndsey Hrabik’s blog:

1. Start a movement – Water Is Life Campaign

  • You CAN change a negative into a positive
    • The Hashtag Killer- killing an insulting trending hashtag
  • You don’t know what will go viral, but it makes it easier when you know what is trending
  • If you don’t like something society is doing, change it!
    • don’t wait for the perfect slogan or time. Utilize what is already trending
  • Stand up for what you and/or your company believes in.

2. Be Bold – Unicef Photounicef

  • Just because you are a nonprofit, does not mean you can’t be bold with your audience
  • Tell your audience how it is – You will be taken more seriously
  • Be careful with doing fundraising on Facebook. People might like it, but not have any donations.

3. Set a Goal –  Charity Water

  • Social Media campaigns do not need to be long
    • Some last a day, week, month, or years
  • However, they still need to be carefully planned and executed
  • Set measurable goals and track progress of campaign during and after campaign

4. Take Advantage of Trends – Red CrossScreenshot 2014-09-22 23.04.10

  • Utilize popular trends for your company
  • Make sure it is relevant to company values
  • Research meaning and culture behind trend before using it.

Hopefully these tips will help you as they have helped me plan for my upcoming social media campaign!


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